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With the launch of new technologies, the world is changing speedily. Similarly, immigration websites have changed a lot in a short period of time. As compare to past, immigration application is easily accessible from the internet nowadays. The candidates can fill out their applications online from anywhere around the world. It saves their energy and time and all credits for this ease go to the digital media.


How to Get a Work Permit in Canada?

If people want visas for Canada then a short lived visa is a way for people to choose from. A work permit visa application means that you want to live in Canada and work there for a short time period. You can easily revive your Canadian work permit visa. This will be a lot helpful for you especially when you later on decide to submit an application for citizenship such as; 

  • You have job and you can support yourself and/or your family.
  • You can live and work with the local community. In Canadian citizenship you need to verify that you can speak with other citizens of your local community. Canada makes it necessary for all immigration candidates they must know how to communicate either French or English.
  • Mostly working visas are given to people due to experienced labor, which means that you have the same experience and completed a post secondary education.


How can you apply for Canadian citizenship?

For anyone who is already living in Canada and working there as temporary job visa it is quite easy to apply for Canadian citizenship. You just need to keep on working during the entire process of application that can extend to about 2 years or more to finalize.

There are four main options for Canadian citizenship visa process that you can choose as per your skill.

   1. You can apply under the Federal Skilled Workers Program with prearranged job. There are further two options in this program when applying within Canada. 

  • ​First one is that your employer must offer you job for the long period of time.
  • Second is you must fulfill the Federal Skilled Workers details process. If you are an educated citizen and trained employ living in Canada, this is generally not a problem for you. You can easily qualify for this.​

​   2. Canadian Experience Class is another option to apply for citizenship.    This option is best for those who are not eligible to get points as per Federal Skilled Workers program requirements. The basic requirement for this program is that

  • You complete post secondary studies and maximum job experience in Canada for 1 year.
  • Two year work experience as a trained worker in Canada. 

​You need to fulfill any one of these option to qualify this program. If you are eligible for this program, you will need to complete one of these requirements before you apply. 

     3. If you do not qualify for either of the other two options then further two options are Provincial Nominee Program and Quebec Experience Class that you can check out. 

You should remember that all are the best ways to apply visas for Canada. Canada government gives you a number of options so that each person who is interested in Canadian immigration can choose any one option which is the best suits for them.

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